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“When done right, coaching is a harmonious accord between people that delivers trust, development, and action.” – Dave Nitzel

Our big audacious idea is to help people in our industry be personally and financially secure.

It doesn’t matter where in the world you may be, we have a staff of people specifically designed to help in multiple time zones.  If we can’t help you we will recommend you to someone who can.

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Who We Are

Dave and Dave have a combined 55 years of experience in management and consulting in hospitality, retail, and supply chain. Currently, they work with global leaders in hospitality to study and apply industry leading best practices for bars and restaurants.

Dave Nitzel

Dave Nitzel is a former Fortune 500 executive who made a move into the hospitality industry in 2014. Dave N. brings twenty-nine years of management experience to the fold and shares some of his industry leading best practices within the pages of The Bar Shift.

Dave N. now consults locally as well with global industry leaders on all matters of hospitality.Dave N. currently has offices in Atlanta, Greensboro, and Raleigh/Durham.

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David Domzalski

David Domazalski is a former physicist and sound engineer by trade who realized one day that his craft no longer fit him and made the logical jump into a hospitality career in 2004. Dave ran 3 restaurants before joining the Barmetrix team, eventually becoming their global corporate trainer and coach. In 2017, he bought the brand and currently consults world class entrepreneurs in Miami, Florida. Dave D. brings critical thinking and process management best practices to bear in The Bar Shift.

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You will find a ton of content throughout the site from videos to books to blogs, we hope you find your visit useful and engaging.  Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us with questions.

Hospitalty DNA is out!

  • The Detail Paradox – What’s the difference between don’t sweat the small stuff and the devil is in the details?
  • The Propeller Effect – The difference between marginal success and scalable wealth.
  • The 5 Whys – How to breakdown root cause analysis
  • The Aperature Effect – How award-winners transfer personal experience to business outcomes.
  • The Delta Construct – Is your partnership a special forces unit?

The Bar Shift

The Bar Shift is 41 best practices for managing your bar and restaurant specifically targeting concepts and processes that will improve results and work-life. It’s designed to be specific and to the point; which is what our industry requires. The book also allows the reader to jump right to a topic that may be a burning need in the business at the moment without compromising any previous content.

The book is purpose-built for an industry that doesn’t have time for a lot of waste, especially time! The Bar Shift targets the Bar Manager as its audience understanding that that role may be played by anyone from an owner to a bartender. The book ensures there’s content that will satisfy the most seasoned and talented of those involved in the industry from managers, owners, consultants and distributors alike.

Your success is personal to us

Whether we are engaged in a 1:1 program, partnership coaching, or staff engagement, we believe a Coach has a simple yet critical role. A Coach must lift up the people they are engaged with so those people can achieve a level of success that may not have been otherwise discovered.  We believe strongly in the importance of having people available in our lives who afford us the space and knowledge to grow personally and professionally.  We write about this in our books and we live it here at Dave & Dave.

This is why we decided on a business name that simply states exactly who we are… Dave and Dave.  We are very intentional about distinguishing ourselves as coaches versus consultants and there is a reason.

Over the years, our experience is that the vast majority of consulting firms’ objectives are focused on themselves.

Their primary operating parameters are to be “sticky”. They need to extract as much time and money as possible from a client.

We are the exact opposite.

  • We create our own exit strategy from the outset.
  • We operate from your specific guidance on your desired outcomes, the timeline for completion, and your specific budget parameters.
  • We are driven to deliver what you need so that you no longer need us; we believe that this is the only right way to help people.
  • We strive to deliver award-winning management concepts to bar and restaurant owners across the globe in an affordable fashion.

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