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Dave and Dave are both spectacular in front of a microphone, engaging in front of an office, and are great at communicating for training events of all kinds.  They’ll adapt their conversation to your needs, and both are an excellent resource when it comes to keynote speaking, conference speaking, seminars, in-house and staff trainings, and also are trainers of trainers when it comes to the bar and restaurant inustry.

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Featured Keynote and conference Speakers

Dave and Dave bring their expertise in consulting to your stage in order to give your participants a one-of-a-kind experience when it comes to the bar and restaurant industry.  Not only do they make fantastic keynote speakers, but they’re adaptable and can tune their specific messages to adapt to your theme or specific needs when it comes to the topics they will be communicating about.

In-House Training and Staff Training

Does your staff need a tune up when it comes to their performance and knowledge?  Dave and Dave can be retained to bring their knowledge to your staff or owners, and can address the very things that you deem important, to help you move the ball forward with your managers and employees.

Training  the  Trainers–  Master Classes

Need a master class that will help you train restaurant and bar trainers or consultants for your organization?  With their collective experience in the bar and restaurant industry, Dave and Dave bring their talent to train the highest caliber leaders and trainers in the industry.


Need a format that teaches, yet is more interactive?  Dave and Dave love hands-on work with restaurant and bar owners, managers, and staff, and can create seminars that help participants engage with specific materials, ideas, or issues to help them to become better personnel for your restaurant or bar.  Whether it’s a local environment that reaches only a few local restaurants, or a pre-conference seminar, you’ll find Dave and Dave incredibly adept at engaging and teaching your team.

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