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Our books inform our coaching, they are the manifestation of not only our own proven best practices (The Bar Shift) but of award-winning operators from around the world of hospitality (Hospitality DNA) which we’re very proud.  What’s more, our approach and ideas are a combination of best practices from both inside and outside the industry.  This ‘best-of-both-worlds’ approach tends to be more compelling for the people and teams we coach which yields improved outcomes.  Before investing in us as coaches we recommend buying our books and getting a feel for how we think and operate so you make an informed decision.

The Bar Shift – Available Now!

four-year best seller on Amazon

The Bar Shift is 41 best practices for managing your bar and restaurant specifically targeting concepts and processes that will improve results and work-life. It’s designed to be specific and to the point; which is what our industry requires. The book also allows the reader to jump right to a topic that may be a burning need in the business at the moment without compromising any previous content. ‘

“I have not found a book that identifies such critical business issues nor explains so many practical solutions so fully or clearly. Read. Mark. Learn and inwardly digest” – Angus Winchester, Two-time Diago Brand Ambassador of the Year, and Global Hospitality Educator, London / New York

“I was honored to be asked to write the foreword for this book. Our industry needs more generous teachers willing to share their wisdom. Dave and Dave are two of the most genuine and generous people I know. Together they have decades of experience and I’m thrilled that they decided to share it with all of us. It makes sense that they become mentors. They both get more joy from helping others than they do their own success. The advice you read comes from years in the trenches of personal leadership experience and from coaching hundreds of bar/restaurant operators like you.”–Sean Finter 

International #1 Best Seller out now!

The independent Bar and Restaurant industry has very little access to industry-specific research, and even less public information relative to best practices. We address this issue head-on in Hospitality DNA by interviewing award-winning industry talent from around the world and delving into what drives their success.

Our research interviews were transformed into amazing story-telling chapters of great challenge and achievement, which are woven into meaningful business lessons. In the end, our research yields five commonalities that all the interviewees have, which define what it means to truly have Hospitality DNA — an unlikely and powerful discovery, the Hospitality HELIX!

“Hospitality DNA has entered my list of Top 5 books every bartender should have in their arsenal. It is a fast-track masterclass in the Hospitality industry centred around the world’s best but goes way beyond just the glorification of characters. Instead, it provides a thorough collection of in-depth knowledge, wisdom, and ideas to help young and veteran professionals succeed. It’s the book I wish I’d written, the book I wish I’d had when I started, and now the book I’m infinitely glad I’ve laid my hands on.” –Danil Nevsky Founder & CEO Indie Bar Company

“Whether you’ve spent your life in hospitality or not, Hospitality DNA is a MUST read. Dave and Dave have connected with living legends in our world and have delivered a comprehensive look into what the internal building blocks of hospitality ‘addiction’ really means” – Jon Seelbinder Founder Local Icon Hospitality

“Being an entrepreneur is lonely and all too often we don’t seek out people outside of our 4-walls.  Becoming a hospitality pro requires you to seek out help, information, and the “cheat code”, this book is one of those cheat codes.” – Matt Plapp CEO & Founder – America’s Best Restaurants

“The Dave’s strike again with this terrific ode to the service industry. The insider knowledge and groundbreaking concepts will reverberate throughout the industry for years to come. This guide is a must-have for anyone involved in the business of serving people.” – Ish Reyna, Director of Operations, Novelty Smoke Group 

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