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The independent Bar and Restaurant industry has very little access to industry-specific research and even less public information relative to best practices. Dave and Dave address this issue head-on in Hospitality DNA by interviewing award-winning industry talent from around the world and delving into what drives their success.

Their research interviews were transformed into amazing story-telling chapters of great challenge and achievement, which are woven into meaningful business lessons. In the end, their research yields five commonalities that all the interviewees have, which define what it means to have Hospitality DNA — an unlikely and powerful discovery, the Hospitality HELIX!


Dave Nitzel had over 30 years of management and senior leadership experience beginning with major U.S. corporations before eventually launching his own Atlanta-based Hospitality management consulting firm.

Throughout the course of Dave’s career, he’s managed $3 billion dollar revenue verticals, had oversight responsibility for over 3300 retail stores, and led teams of over ten thousand company associates. Dave’s run point on $50+ million dollar outsourcing initiatives as well as large-scale venture capital turnarounds.

Post corporate career, Dave has become a best-selling author with two published books (The Bar Shift and Hospitality DNA) which he’s co-authored with friend and fellow business consultant Dave Domzalski. Dave also owns and operates four Barmetrix franchise offices throughout the Southeastern US where they specialize in inventory management services for bars and restaurants.

Today Dave coaches globally largely in the Hospitality sector where he’s worked with some of the industry’s best and brightest operators, including multiple ‘best bar in the world’ award winners. He has also mentored professional athletes which include three MLB first-round draft picks, consults for not-for-profit organizations, and serves as a life coach for at-risk youth in the U.S.

Dave speaks regularly in person and virtually at industry events on all matters of Hospitality with an emphasis on management, strategy, and culture in the bar and restaurant segment.

Dave has been married to his wife, Jeni, for over 32 years. They have four children — Alexander, Zachary, Olivia, and Sophia — as well as two grandchildren — Evalena and Katherine. In his spare time, Dave enjoys cars, sports, movies, music, gardening, travel, and is a connoisseur of very average bourbons and tequilas.


Dave Domzalski got his career start in physics and acoustical engineering. It was this first career that sparked his love for data, systems, and process. However, 28 years ago, Dave left engineering to wait tables and learn how to open a restaurant, as many of us do. After learning everything he could from an amazing operator, he met and joined the Barmetrix team. It was there that he found the perfect balance between his love of numbers and his passion for people. In time he took a senior leadership role at Barmetrix, helping to grow the global brand. Along the way, he found he loved the brand so much that he bought in.

In 2017, Dave launched Chain Bridge Consulting, an umbrella corporation of multiple businesses including Barmetrix Miami. He has grown this into a million-dollar business. Dave now spends his time happily coaching world-class Bar and Restaurant entrepreneurs in Miami, Florida, writing books with his dear friend and fellow business consultant Dave Nitzel, speaking at events such as Tales of the Cocktail and Bar Convent Berlin, and working on his tan with his family at the beach.

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