Our Unique Hospitality Concepts

Our unique concepts are a combination of 55 years of combined personal experience infused with the input of industry legends and award winners to create a set of processes that flat-out work. Our core ideas are built specifically for the bar and restaurant industry and we’re excited to share them with you.

The Detail Paradox

What’s the difference between don’t sweat the small stuff and the devil is in the details?

We receive conflicting messages about how to manage our time and focus.  The detail paradox helps you work through the difference between the small and the unimportant.

The Aperture Effect

How award-winners transfer personal experience to business outcomes.

Perhaps our favorite learning from our Hospitality DNA research. We explore the importance of gathering a wide range of experiences which leads to a hyper-concentrated focus.

The Delta Construct

Is your partnership a special forces unit?

We will also coach on our learnings from global award-winners and the many discoveries we learned in what we term ‘The Hospitality HELIX‘!

Perhaps nothing is more important than the people you surround yourself with, is your leadership team built to win and scale?

The Propeller Effect

The difference between marginal success and scalable wealth.

Why do many of the most successful people also have the most amount of time? It’s not by accident!

The 5 Whys

How to breakdown root cause analysis.

We use a simple tried and true technique to assist in problem-solving.

Inception Archetype

Building your brand through the eyes of your guest.


One of our key discoveries in writing Hospitality DNA, we learned the keys to building a 5-star brand and built a process that any bar and restaurant owner can follow.

The Hospitality HELIX

The five things global award winners all have in common.

This is the main event, we love to discuss the outcomes of our research, our process, the discoveries, and how anyone can implement the HELIX ideas into their business.

From the pages of The Bar Shift

Get global best practice coaching for the basics of your bar and restaurant.  We break down our BP’s into four categories:

  • Leadership
  • Operations
  • Service
  • Financials

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