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Hello and thank you for your interest in our books and our quizzes we’re glad you’re here.  The following short set of questions is derived from our Hospitality HELIX coaching points found in our book Hospitality DNA.  The idea here is to get a feel for how you compare to our global award-winners for better or worse.  Have fun and be honest that way it’s the most beneficial to you. If at the end of the quiz, you find yourself wanting more you’ll have the opportunity to reach out to us and as always, no strings attached!

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1. How aligned are their personal ethics with your own?


2. How would you rank their work ethic?


3. How would you rank their sense of morality?


4. How much do you like spending time with them?


5. How likely would you be to have them over for dinner with your family?


6. How close does their vision for the business align with yours?


7. How well do they complement your knowledge?


8. How well do they complement your skills?


9. Do you feel you have a healthy ego of competition?


10. How easy do you find it to let go of ego when necessary?


11. Do you know exactly who gets how much of the profit share?


12. Is it clearly stated what the conditions are on the shares?


13. Is it clear what level of participation in the business is required for the shares to remain in that personís possession?


14. Do you find the profit share fair?


15. How clear do you feel about the breakdown of responsibilities and active involvement in the business?


16. Are there any clauses you feel should be added to the operating agreement (for example, a morality clause)?


17. Do you know, with great clarity, when and under what conditions distributions will be made to partners?


18. Is there a clearly defined process for resolving disputes that come up between you and your partner?


19. Do you have a clear, written process for amending the operating agreement?


20. Did you and your partner both have an independent Lawyer review your operating agreement for each one of you?


21. Do you and your partner actively work to keep the relationship cordial?


22. I trust my partner to do their job well and know I can rely on them.


23. I feel my partner trusts me to do my job well and they rely on me.


24. Does anyone’s drinking habits get in the way of the success of the business?


25. I know exactly what I am accountable for in the business.


26. All of my partners and I know exactly what we do and do not have authority to make decisions on.


27. I know exactly what I am personally responsible for completing in the business.


28. We have a clear and regular communication process about “missions” that keeps everyone on the same page.


29. How aligned are you to the same clearly defined purpose?


30. How comfortable are you having constructive arguments with your partner?


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