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Hello and thank you for your interest in our books and our quizzes we’re glad you’re here.  The following short set of questions is derived from our Hospitality HELIX coaching points found in our book Hospitality DNA.  The idea here is to get a feel for how you compare to our global award-winners for better or worse.  Have fun and be honest that way it’s the most beneficial to you. If at the end of the quiz, you find yourself wanting more you’ll have the opportunity to reach out to us and as always, no strings attached!

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1. How many new ideas have you implemented that were not your own in the past year?


2. I am an exceptional listener to all ideas.


3. Can people be honest with you without fear of reprisal?


4. Are you able to readily admit your mistakes or your part in them?


5. How often do you seek out the advice of others?


6. How often do you dine in an area that make you feel somewhat uncomfortable?


7. How many foreign countries have you visited?


8. Do you support and fund employee learning?


9. How many formal mentors do you actively have in your life?


10. How many people are you formally mentoring?


11. How many non-hospitality business advisors are in your sphere of influence?


12. Do you learn from your mistakes?


13. Are the people in your sphere of influence motivational and inspiring for you?


14. Do you remain positive and resolute even in the toughest of times?


15. Do you have time to do all the things you need to do each day?


16. Are you well organized?


17. Can you rely on your team to execute as well or better than you?


18. Are you quick to assign credit to others?


19. Do you have a formalized learning platform for your team?


20. Does your entire team live the culture you envision for the business?


21. Do you have a specific measurement tool to grade how well your culture is performing (employee surveys, 360’s, etc)?


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